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UN Report 2020


World Food Report 2020: World hunger continues to rise because of Corona.

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A woman holds the tiny hand of her baby receiving medical care in the ward for malnourished children at a hospital. The United Nations presents its new report on world nutrition with figures on hunger and malnutrition with the impact of the Corona pandemic. Photo:dpa/ Mohammed Mohammed


UN Bericht für 2020 (

Excerpt fom the Internet:

The number of undernourished people has been much lower than previously cited in recent years, according to the United Nations. Nearly 690 million men, women and children suffered from malnutrition in 2019, according to the latest report on world nutrition. 


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To all People 


Germany, Luebeck, 20 July 2020

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Comment and forecast of my person:

No wonder that hunger is increasing in the world, as there are hardly any completely mentally healthy people left in leading positions, which became quite obvious in the atomic age of globalisation and digitalisation, as it should normally not have been an insurmountable hurdle for years, for example, to end hunger worldwide and immediately by reasonable and regulated measures!

Now it will become more and more difficult to let justice prevail worldwide!

The immediate and only solution of the end times is:

A common currency, a fair water-, food- and medicine-supply and a common monarchy throughout Europe and then worldwide!

Conclusion: With a current world population of around 7.8 billion people, according to the World Health Organisation, the percentage and total number of overweight people has increased worldwide in recent decades.

For example, in 2014, 1.9 billion people worldwide were overweight and 600 hundred million people were severely overweight, with eating patterns now having been passed on to offspring in this form and rising for another six years. From this it can be concluded that around 2 billion people are eating the wrong foods due to the over-consumption of food, although a small proportion of this will also be genetic diseases for which a person affected cannot be held responsible!

It would have been possible for years with a simple equation of the available food in this respect a fair distribution of food, at least to end hunger in the world, and it would have been possible through sensibly thought-out measures to provide for a healthy diet through the supervised advertising and purchase offer for example of the discounters for the health of the populations and not primarily to take care of the turnover or for the gross national product!

Now, this equation is inevitably changing, as climate change and increasing catastrophes such as earthquakes, forest fires or groundwater pollution mean that we have to reckon with high crop losses due to floods, drought and dryness or, for example, due to the increased number of vermin! However, the population is only reduced by a high mortality rate, either through hunger, wars, epidemics or catastrophes, whereby quite obviously or forcibly a new equation has been set up.

At present, the poorest of the poor are still bearing this heavy burden and this heavy loss of life also due to the CORONA pandemic, which especially every employee of a responsible institution knew in advance and which is not particularly surprising! If this heavy burden is not immediately distributed and balanced out by the rich countries of the world or their millionaires and billionaires, then all these responsible people worldwide and especially all contemporary witnesses in the matter will learn to starve and pray for the daily bread!!!

Finally take note of reality:

The fat years are over!   


The fat years are over!   

Excerpt from the Internet:

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At the same time, the UN warned that the trend towards more hunger was unbroken despite the statistical correction. Experts from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) calculated in Rome on Monday that 83 to 132 million more people could suffer from hunger in 2020. The reason for the lowered total figure is that estimates for China and twelve other countries have been recalculated. The reduction is the result of new data on population figures and the supply of food to households, they said. China, where about one-fifth of the world's population lives, was the most serious.

"The change in the malnutrition estimate for China up to the year 2000 resulted in a significantly lower number of malnourished people worldwide," the report says. An FAO expert spoke of a "routine adjustment Read the Internet.

Amplified by Corona crisis: A billion people could face hunger.

Poor countries in crisis: United Nations triples billions needed for Corona emergency aid.

United Nations warns Corona crisis will worsen malnutrition worldwide.

According to the report, there were 687.8 million undernourished people in the previous year - about 10 million more than now estimated for 2018. Compared to 2014, the increase would be almost 60 million. In the previous year, the UN had assumed a higher number of 812 million undernourished people.