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The Superlatives 2014!

The Star Chefs

The highest recognition of the star chefs who are already falling out of the sky!

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany.

To the ZDF

Editorial Office

Attn. Of the Persons Named Below

Germany, Luebeck, 12 August 2014

Free English translation on 23 September 2021.

Excerpt from the Internet:

"Come to the "Public Grilling"!



Grilling has never been bigger!

"After Germany's popular TV chefs Johann Lafer and Horst Lichter presented "Germany's biggest barbecue show" last year, it's going to be even more spectacular in 2014: Teams from Austria and Switzerland also want to prove that they're good at barbecue. The search is on for the best "Eurovision Grill Team". In the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle/ Westphalia, it's about more than just "the sausage".

"Germany, Austria and Switzerland will meet in the "Grill Arena". The XL summer barbecue spectacle will be hosted by Horst Lichter and Mirjam Weichselbraun. The man at the tongs and the "pre-griller" is Johann Lafer again this year. He has once again come up with special finesses for each course. In addition to classic meat variations, unusual utensils are used and combinations never imagined are put together. It is roasted, marinated, baked and caramelised. The grill is transformed into a culinary magic box. The grilling is done according to a clear time limit, after which fish, meat or vegetables have to come off the grill.

Three celebrity teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will compete against each other and conjure up a fine three-course menu in 150 minutes. A tribunal of the most successful and competent TV chefs from the Eurovision countries will taste and test the dishes after each course. The viewers at home will also be invited to join in. There will be additional barbecue parties in all three countries, which will be broadcast live during the programme.

Team Germany: Verona Pooth, Katrin Müller-Hohenstein, Wigald Boning Presenters in Hamburg: Ali Güngörmüs, Judith Rakers.Team Austria: Larissa Marolt, Barbara Wussow, Christina Stürmer. Presenters Vienna: Andi & AlexTeam Switzerland: Christina Surer, Nik Hartmann, Max Moor. Presenters Außenschalte Vitznau: Andreas C. Studer, Sven EpineyJury: Alexander Herrmann, Sarah Wiener, Grill-UeliShowacts: Revolverheld, Marlon Roudette".

The highest recognition of star chefs already falling from the sky!

Please, let the German-language letter be translated into many languages and handed over to the right places.

Eurovision barbecue 2014 of superlatives but at the same time the famines of superlatives 2014 in South Sudan!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sirs,

Finally the time has come..............................the star chefs no longer know what else they could present and offer to their audience and their guests here on earth in order to put the palate feast into perspective for the viewers and visitors of the broadcast major events. So now a star chef had to demonstrate his hobby on TV by jumping out of a helicopter as a parachutist in order to be able to show his courage as a respected TV chef in front of an audience of millions in the above-mentioned barbecue show.

That's really all he can do, or what else is he supposed to show and demonstrate? In the show, far exaggerated combinations of "cooking skills" were again demonstrated with the food available, which were devised as a menu by the TV and star chef, which he had tried out beforehand. A mixture for the taste buds and for the palate, which was given as a task to the cooking participants from three different countries and which was then judged and evaluated by highly qualified personalities from the cooking industry.

A match between Switzerland, Austria and Germany as a live broadcast and switching, for example, also to Hamburg, near the Hamburg harbour, where an open-air barbecue took place and where in the background, if possible, the dream ships of our time were to enter the harbour. A good timing, whereby for example the prominence from the Public Broadcasting Service could not be missing as a newsreader, who moderated the barbecue party in Hamburg as a German, so that the whole thing should leave as serious and pompous an impression as possible behind the scenes for the viewer or participant.

Of course, the participants of the barbecue parties were likeable and entertaining, also a good and cheerful atmosphere was created; but what was achieved with this programme? Or what did you achieve or cause with this programme? You have provided good entertainment for an audience of millions and you have certainly been highly rewarded for this by the TV-stations because your viewing figures are also high.

Not to mention, as top chefs, you also donate from your fee to the Third World for a good cause or you serve the food banks in many cities in your home country. As a result, your reputation is constantly rising and your work is taken seriously. If one takes a closer look at your dishes and recipes, which are aimed at the great masses, then unfortunately one must already speak of the Fourth World..........then your generous donations for the Third World are no longer of much use !

Because due to the generous decoration of your cooking shows, for example by the herbs and fruits of all kinds, an overlaying of the food is not to be overlooked and tempts nevertheless one or the other to discard or throw away even still good vegetables or fruits more carelessly, particularly since the meals are tasted briefly here and there and the rest of the food remains somewhere! The next cooking show is sure to come, but it will have to be even more pompous and elaborate.....................with even more celebrities than before, because after all you want to be the talk of the town!

Perhaps you, Mr Lafer, should open the parachute at the beginning of the programmes next time just before landing or land directly in the open-air stadium so that your audience of millions is satisfied! But you will have to realise at some point that your audience cannot be satisfied. How could you, after all, you are working with the human psyche, which in this case can have an entrance and an exit by means of eating behaviour!

The prepared, hot steaming dishes or menus that you show afterwards very decoratively via TV all look colourful, crispy, golden and simply delicious. This is where the medium of film comes in particularly handy, because most of the time the dish looks even better and more appetising via TV than in reality. Whether it is an eating addiction disorder or already a guzzling addiction of the individual is no longer asked. Sixty-five percent of Germans are already overweight, including children, according to recent surveys.

But you only want to entertain, whereby presumably one in three of your viewers will grab something edible from the fridge when you or your entire circle of colleagues have broadcasting time. That can't has been it.................

With your chummy interlocutors, you get into your viewers' rooms and thus create a familiarity by also giving valuable tips on nutrition or cooking and baking in between.But only a few of your viewers will cook the recipe or the whole menu, because the ingredients are often difficult or impossible to obtain for the average consumer. But that's not what matters. What matters is how people are met in connection with the food or with foodstuffs. The word "means to live" or "means as food" clearly states that human beings need these means to live and if these means are not available, then human beings would be threatened in their existence. And it is precisely this that is quite clearly swept under the carpet by programmes such as yours.

It doesn't occur to anyone that you cook, bake or grill because it is a basic human need to eat food in order to satisfy hunger or not to get hungry.

And at this point the understanding for you and your shows stops!

But it is exactly at this point that a rethink must take place, especially by you as celebrities and responsible persons! We have almost all forgotten what it is like to be really hungry, and such cooking shows are not entirely blameless in this, because we also eat food without being hungry, but only because we have an appetite for something or because we and our children are made hungry for something!

Such a senseless and dangerous game with food in a throwaway society must come to an end, because at the same time many people in the world are endangered and threatened in their existence, just because they do not even have the basic foodstuffs at their disposal and this is something that one simply cannot believe or realise through your cooking shows or one forgets or suppresses the big and worldwide problem, which will not solve itself! So you have to remind each and every one of us that we have to give account to ourselves and to our Creator for what we do and what we have refrained from doing!

The psyche of your viewers demands more through your shows; for palate pleasure and entertainment at the same time, followed by an evaluation of the task to be able to determine a winner or winners; quite obviously connected with action, with open fire and more. You get an endorsement of the show from the viewers and from the TV ratings, which is then a renewed recognition for you as celebrity TV chefs, which gives you security and thereby guarantees you wealth. You thus serve the psyche of diseased societies and since you yourself successfully serve these shows and thus these societies, you in particular should no longer be completely healthy, because as already mentioned, every human being has to give account to himself/ herrself and his/ her Creator for what he/ she  does or what he/ she refrains from doing.

Only a few people still notice such a rigged game that speculates with the values of others, but even of these few people, some have long since said goodbye to television and can no longer or no longer want to speak out accordingly or warn those responsible!

Others of these few people have gone directly to the front, for example to Sudan, in order to care for the people of the Third World or actually already for people of the Fourth World and to create justice, which is totally hopeless because the media, for example, "make  a cleen sweep" one person after the other through such above-mentioned entertainment shows, in that no one can notice any more what is happening to us here on God's earth and what has become of us!

Anyone who cannot face reality has long since fallen ill and because all this has progressed on a large scale, in that the great masses can no longer classify many things correctly, so the great masses must be shaken up with equally large steps in order to return to a norm and to our indisputable values that can make people healthy! Only when one can recognise that one's own psyche is no longer healthy, but only moves back and forth in a process of repression, only then can one accomplish something that also includes a meaningful life.

It can't have been anything else............!

And now we come to the point of this letter, because what is the use of the best criticism if no alternative or planning can be proposed that lets the individual realise where his or her place is and what he or she is actually "meant" for, in the sense of having been created!

You and your entire circle of colleagues are highly qualified cooks and masters who could also moderate or lead cooking courses for the beginner via TV, while at the same time ensuring a worldwide uniform culture, which also includes the entire diet. The old German recipes, collected after the Second World War and extended by well-known noodle and rice dishes from abroad, should be brought together and a varied and healthy diet for a normal life should be worked out and secured. A suitable cookbook would be recommended, such as the valuable book "Ich helf` Dir Kochen!" by..................

These shows should then also become important and valuable for the Indian, African, Chinese, Russian, Iraqi or Mongolian, for example, since the medium of film must reach and serve these Third and Fourth Worlds as soon as possible! If every human being had a feeling of hunger once a day, then we would all be on the right side, because then the number of overweight people should slowly be reduced by sharing the food fairly worldwide and thus other people should then have enough to live on, so that they do not fall ill from nutritional deficiencies or do not have to leave their own country because of famine or even die because of hunger.

The media have negatively shaped and changed the PSYCHE of many people through the concentrated crap of so-called freedom and this medium continues to advance.

Why not actually?

Only the direction should be changed, maybe first by the recipes from Kenya or Haiti.

                With kind regards

                  Ursula Sabisch

HP: Otherwise, the real answer in the future can only be the next epidemic, which can be caused by improper, unsuitable or unhygienic food preparations, like probably the epidemic EBOLA.

I must point out to you that I am including this letter in my homepage so that the medium of the Internet is

immediately served by the right side!