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Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics

University of Munich

 Attn: Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch

Scheinerstr. 1

                                                                           D-81679 Munich 

Germany, Luebeck, 30.09.2016 / Free Translation on 17 July 2021.

10.07.2019 Appendix: Breathing see below!

The German-language document you may find here!

Public Exhortations and Unrecognised Cycles


Dear Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch, Dear Sirs, Ladies and Gentlemen,

As my person could see yesterday in the talk-show Markus Lanz, you, Prof. Dr. Lesch, as a recognised authority and astrophysicist, try to shake people awake by trying, also through funny interludes of your remarks, to make them think sustainably about what you have said. It is actually a great pity that nowadays you can only assert yourself if you have to use all the possibilities given to you, because the logic and the clear facts of a warning are no longer sufficient to be able to counter a clearly predictable catastrophe in time.

Since the spirit of the times clearly serves the displacement process of people, especially people of capitalist states, which incidentally matched a topic of the talk-show yesterday, a clear but natural opponent of the earth is actually recognisable, but not graspable! Nowadays, people should, if possible, dance happily through a beautiful melody of a packaged hit song by means of doomsday lyrics and feel good about it, as for example through the hit song: 

The last song of the earth has long since begun....!

Since my person has been sent on the way for about 32 years (now 37 years)* and can actually claim a great success in the matter and commission of the Lord, but the breakthrough is not yet clear enough, I would like to look for some capacities in the field of science who "step out of line" and call on these predetermined people and their environment in the matter and commission of the Lord, so that the right direction can be taken.

Yesterday you stated that the earth gives nothing away, but retains everything, which is proven by the Physical Law of Attraction. However, as far as I know, the Earth's atmosphere is not bound by this physical law and this is now the reason that has prompted me to ask specific questions or tasks of you and your students or fellow students. Since I am only a layperson in this field but have a well-developed warning system due to a thin nervous system, whereby many people have a similar experience, I would like to make a few comments regarding the earth's processes and the earth's atmosphere.

It is known that the ozone layer is attacked by certain gases, such as methane, and that this ozone layer already has some holes in it, which is also particularly the case due to the fuels used in the "tourist flight industrialisation".

It is likely that the use of satellites will require all five layers of the Earth's atmosphere to be used, as the satellites will have to pass through these five layers, which is probably done in a simplified form by the pressure of a gas mixture.

It is known that rockets or orbiters have to pass through these five layers by means of propellants, which will be available in large quantities.

"Structure of the Earth's Atmosphere"

But no one asks what can happen and has already happened to these layers, some of which are already being marketed as space tourism*! Who can actually guarantee that in the meantime oxygen cannot really already escape from the atmosphere into space and who can actually guarantee that at some point the pressure drop of the atmosphere will not be so great that substances or rays from outer space can penetrate our atmosphere in a reverse process, when basically no one really knows anything about the weather in this respect, because already hailstones with the size of a fist have already come down and the explanations for this were very questionable, at least for me, because why were there only little hailstones in my childhood or youth?*.

Also, almost no one was able to notice years ago that when the sunlight hit the sky, it became clearly visible that the sunlight had already changed when the sky was cloudy, becoming whiter, which can be retroactively attributed by the lates high-tech to the finest desert sand being whirled up. But here, too, it must be clearly stated that the sunlight, especially often when the sky is cloudy, has not always been like this in my memory, and so also my colour memory is necessarily reliable. Also at this important point, no one seems to wonder why the finest sand is in the atmosphere in these quantities and what could be causing it.

In my opinion, it could be related to the unnatural rearrangement of large quantities of the desert sand, if one thinks of the metropolis of Dubai, which was partly built on artificially raised sand, which means that nature cannot be interfered in and conquered and the forces of nature are also non-negotiable, what you also said quite clearly and plainly in the talk-show.

But the question of "why" could be very interesting!

For professional reasons, my person is particularly interested in the last cycle, which includes all cycles such as the economic cycle or the cycle of global warming.

This is the cycle of life, which is more than just interesting and which includes every human being, every living being, every growth, every basis of growth, but also every soul. The teaching of the cycle of life is the basic prerequisite for a functioning, healthy and whole world and therefore scientists and philosophers should definitely deal with this cycle in the future, which actually exists, but which no one takes seriously or very seriously or which seems to be completely unknown in general!

As you as a scientist have recognised, the earth has a force of attraction and is subject to physical law in this respect; however, the soul of a human being is also subject to a force of attraction, which has been reported in a consistent and credible manner through many incidents of some of those affected people and my person can also absolutely underline this from my own experience, whereby the pet has also sought a place in society and in the soul life of people.

There are many different beliefs concerning life after death, and as a good observer one can clearly state that every great and ancient religion and culture bears at least one truth, whereby it is often a matter of (incarnation) return of the soul towards the world and rebirth, for example, through an animal, or it is a matter of a paradisiacal life, which can also already be lived by some millionaires or billionaires on earth.

In other words: There are already forces of attraction of the soul on earth too, but this force of attraction of the soul or of Creation also goes much further beyond the horizon into unknown dimensions, (psychoses), where souls without a direct directional force of attraction will probably go, especially when a soul is aborted immature and defenceless back to the "Sender-Creation" and then the other can also approach our Creation, which will exist beyond the horizon, as my person is somewhat familiar with the matter. (Changing of Wedding Couples/ Forced Marriage))

People who lose their minds at the end of life are also sent more or less helplessly on their way to the afterlife and are at the mercy of the corresponding attraction, whereby according to the Bible there are "many different dwellings".

Thus then the technology of mankind, which reaches beyond the earth and to which man has long been bound, meets with an alien living technology, whereby the bottom line will then of course be the omnipotence to be striven for, that is, the all-encompassing power of the entire universe. This explains a lot of what bothers and surrounds us humans, and it also explains the progress in the matter. I have often asked myself why the oceans of our earth take up more space than the entire continents, although the world's population is normally continuously increasing.

The answer is: Especially the oceans will be needed in the best case for the repatriation of the souls as a kind of mass graves, because some of them will probably be found in the alien-living technology. In my opinion a real mobile phone recording of these moving UFOs communicating among themselves was filmed in the USA and published via the Internet.

But the world's oceans have not only been planned as mass graves, but unfortunately the oceans have long been misused as dumping grounds for nuclear waste disposal by those states that simply could not afford an expensive inspection of the reactors or a costly disposal of the nuclear waste, and so these nuclear waste barrels will probably be found in the deepest depths of the oceans. At this point, too, nature cannot be conquered and so, in the best case, a huge wave could once again move towards the coasts of some states, costing thousands of lives and being declared a tsunami.

In the worst case, of course, .............................

Coming back to the five layers of the Earth's atmosphere, one should ask oneself by which energies these partly "unknown" flying objects can move fast in order to be able to cover enormous distances and one should ask oneself what these energies could do to our "cover" and what has already happened to our cover. Furthermore, one should ask oneself how one can keep our "cover" as long as possible!

However, one thing is quite certain: The element ........................

Furthermore.................... would have seen, which of course touched on the subject of the young psychologist on yesterday's talk-show.

But I must still insist that the matter is serious to very serious!

In other words: Not fibre optic cables, but diamond cables run ....................................

But there are already a number of informative letters on the subject, which give the best possible description.

The whole matter sounds rather adventurous, but your provable predictions by global warming are not much more reassuring for people who take care of the descendants and the earth and have also dealt with the Revelation of John, which actually should have become a matter of time long ago. Every scientist who deals with a cycle, especially with the forces of nature and the cycle of the laws of nature, should be able to recognise that we humans are something more than just the product of an evolution, because we have a soul and thus a longing within us!

You and your fellow campaigners or high school graduates can find out more about the matter and commission through my various homepages at:

I wish you and all other readers a lot of fun and good ideas by means of inventiveness, which has been distributed differently to each person. Furthermore, I hope that you and others can come up with a solution to protect our "cover".

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch

HP: I would also like to include this letter in an "abridged" version on one of my homepages, so that this document cannot be overlooked, as it could be more than just valuable for the relevant readers and "dynamic persons" of our time!

Also, my person would like to draw attention to the fact that the described arrivals from the Monumental-Area will be the only and right way to be able to provide for a future worth living for our generations, ancestors and descendants by first securing the earth!

Document reviewed on 29.12.2019 / 23.12.2020



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Questions: What does the dissolved plastic as micro- or nano-particles in our waters or oceans do to the diatoms?

Questions: Will the equilibrium of the oxygen content of the atmosphere still exist with the mentioned 20.95 % oxygen in the year 2019?

Questions: Why can't you draw or name the right conclusions despite the recognised unique interactions of the entire solar system and rewrite everything as coincidences and strokes of luck of the entire evolution?

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Questions: What is the significance of Buddhism at the end of the valuable documentary linked above and what can you conclude or perceive from the shape of the huge Buddhist Temple?

But the question of "why" could be very interesting!